Thursday, September 10, 2009

New studio and new website!

So, I just went in on a studio space with four other photographers here on Capitol Hill. It's on the second floor of an old, gorgeous carriage house complex that also houses a furniture maker, a florist and a guitar maker.

Walking past it in the alley you'd never know it was there, but it's absolutely heaven inside. Skylights, exposed brick, wood floors and sleek furniture. I'm so excited to go in and play with light! It also has the added benefit of not constantly working out of my basement apartment, which is exciting!

This post also marks the launch of my new portrait website, Sparkle Box Images, which will give me a separate online platform to showcase my portrait work.

Here's a few of one of the other four photographers that uses the space, Aude, who also happens to be due any day now with her second child. A big thanks to her and her daughter Cecille, who is just too cute for words.

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